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Rejuvenating, Firming Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

All Natural Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, Wrinkle Reversing
made from 100% Pure Plant and flower oils

Facial Oil with No Wrinkles

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Product Information

A blend of natural plant botanicals and pure essential oils, no chemicals or artificial anything.

Its easy to use - just a few drops along with some water either on your finger tips or face, and the skin absorbs it almost immediately, and you can apply makeup over it. It helps makeup stay on better . You don't need to use any other moisturizer with this product!

The water is really important because it helps the oil to spread and absorb.

People love it because it:

. Helps fine lines disappear

. Balances oil production from the skins sebaceous glands, which makes it good for both oily and dry skin

. Moisturizes

. Makes skin feel softer

. Promotes collagen formation

. Is very economical and goes a long way, a 1oz. bottle generally lasts a few months!

Ingredients (100% natural)

Made from all natural botanicals with rejuvenating nutrients for your skin:

Jojoba Oil Certified Organic (a superb moisturizer as it mimics and balances the skins natural production of sebum, making it good for dry or oily skin, protects against pre-mature aging and wrinkles caused by exposure to ultra violet radiation; anti-oxidant), Rose Hip Seed Oil (improves texture and restores skins natural moisture balance, supports the keratin migration cycle, producing natural regeneration of skin cells, helps cells to produce more collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer, more supple skin; high in linoleic and linolenic acids), Hazelnut Oil (helps tone, tighten and restore elastin to the skin, stimulates circulation, encourages cell regeneration), Borage Seed Oil (moisturizes, nourishes, high GLA), Evening Primrose Oil (anti-inflammatory, high in GLA) , Squalene from Olive Oil (moisturizes the skin as it absorbs deeply to create smoother, softer skin, prevents transdermal water loss), Helio-Carrot Oil (rich in vitamin A, E and Beta carotine, powerful anti-oxidant), with the Essential Oils of: Rosewood (rejuvenates skin), Geranium (astringent, toning, anti-inflammatory, stimulates lymphatic circulation, balances sebaceous production), Rose Bulgarian (high vitamin C, rejuvenating), Neroli Tunisian (rejuvenates skin), Rosemary (toning, stimulates lymphatic circulation and drainage), Frankincense (rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory), Myrrh (rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory),
Patchouli (cellular regeneration, anti-inflammatory), Clary Sage (re-vitalizing)

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